Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Perry Miniatures: New Napoleonic French Infantry - Egypt Campaign 1798-1801

Perry Miniatures: New French for Egypt - We have some new codes for the French in Egypt range. These are all available on our site now. French in Egypt 1798-1801 - Figures designed by Alan Perry

FE 19 Fusiliers skirmishing
FE 20 Grenadiers/Carabiniers skirmishing
FE 21 casualties
FE 22 Light Infantry (chasseurs) skirmishing
FE 23 Mounted Colonels


Great Escape Games: New Plastic Rubicon German Halftracks

Great Escape Games: New Rubicon kits - upgrades for Flakwagen, Funkpanzerwagen and Flammpanzerwagen, plus the SdKfz 250/1 Neu. Check them here

Effin Cool Miniatures: Fantasy Court of Sultana Kickstarter

Effin Cool Miniatures: A little prep work for our next miniatures Kickstarter.  Court of the Sultana coming in February.

Micro Art Studio Science Fiction Hard Foam Terrain Reviewed

This weekend, we have published our thorough review of the lightweight, affordable and cool looking hard foam science fiction scenery by Micro Art Studio. Looking to start or expand your science fiction terrain collection? Check our review here

Bad Squiddo Games: New Post Apocalyptic Gunny Peegs

Bad Squiddo Games: Gunny Peegs, sculpted by @snuurg & @darrenedward666 ,painted by Andrew Taylor. Best thing ever. Available at retail as soon as KS all shipped

Gringo40s: New Napoleonic Mameluke Cavalry Trooper

Gringo40s released their new 28mm Napoleonic Mameluke Cavalry Trooper.

Easterfront: Gargantuan Skeleton Dracolich Discounted

Easternfront Miniatures discounted their Gargantuan Skeleton Dracolich.

MOM Miniatures: New Fantasy Val'Zarius Demon Lord

Mom Miniatures released this wonderful Val'Zarius Demon Lord.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Warcradle Studios: Wild West Exodus Countess Byron of the Enlightened

Warcradle: "Despite difficulties from his brother Warwick, we are delighted that our patron Jacob Hudson has permitted the newly opened Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to display one of the centrepieces of his collection. The portrait is simply entitled: Augusta. — feeling honoured." To be released in early 2017.

Sally 4th: New 28mm Bell and Ridge Tent Kits Released

Sally 4th: Sally 4th have just launched 2 kits for making 28mm scale tents (Bell Tents and Ridge Tents). These are useful for a wide range of both historical and Pulp periods. The kits feature MDF frames and pre-printed paper 'fabric', for easy and accurate assembly. In both sets there are three tent kits for £5.

Conquest Games: Breaking News - New Plastic Medieval Knight Boxed Set Announced

Conquest Games the wargame company that brought your affordable plastic Norman Infantry, Medieval Archers and Norman Cavalry has announced that they will now also release a new Medieval plastic boxed set featuring Medieval Knights! 

Conquest Games has now announced that they will be releasing some plastic Medieval Knights suitable for the turmoils of The Anarchy up to the reign of King John. These 28mm miniatures as their previously released miniatures will be scaled 28mm and be suitable for a large number of popular historical and fantasy tabletop miniature wargame rules. 

As the previous plastic boxed sets were sculpted by Bob Naismith, I would guess that these knights will also be sculpted by him. No pictures at the moment as all the 3-Ups etc are at Renedra being tooled. To be released at Salute so stay tuned for pictures and more, here at Wargame News and Terrain, your daily wargame source!

Alternative Armies: Classic Wizards Party Released!

Alternative Armies: Walking in search of adventure or employment or just to learn more of the world? Alternative Armies presents the classic FL11 Wizards Party now released and great for any 28mm wargame or roleplay system. Pack, singles or multiple packs and save. Click through for more Thanks. GBS

Things from the Basement: New Modern Shack and Crates

Things From The Basement released this nice shack and crates.

Scale Games: New Fallen Frontiers Miniatures Released

Scale Games: Welcome to the Fallen Frontiers universe. Fallen Frontiers is a 35mm miniature game set in a futuristic society where humans have colonized much of the galaxy and have found powerful sources of energy and alien life forms with advanced technology.

In the universe of Fallen Frontiers different factions fight for the control of planets and their strategic resources so they are able to expand into a galaxy that still hides many secrets. Players will take control of these factions on the board by choosing troops, heroes and cards that they will adapt to their gaming style in order to win.

Sarissa Precision: Upcoming Beyond the Gates of Anteres Algoryn Science Fiction Terrain

Sarissa Precision: Hitting a planet near you next week, it's going to be very Sci-Fi.

Victrix: Upcoming Plastic Gallic Infantry Previewed

Victrix: The sixth Gallic infantry figure now complete. Command now beckons!

Bad Squiddo Games: New Shire Horses and Great Ape - New Website 10% Discount Code Launched

Bad Squiddo Games released these new animals and remember use the code SHINYANDCHROME for 10% off Bad Squiddo minis.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Victrix: Free Worldwide Shipping Code Launched

Victrix: Free worldwide shipping on order over £50. 1 week only. 

Code = Free shipping

Heroic Maps: New Modular Kit: Starship Corridors Scenery Tiles Released

Heroic Maps: Modular Kit: Starship Corridors is a printable Sci Fi tileset compatible with any RPG/Skirmish game. It can be used as a standalone set, or combined with any same-scale tileset.

The set comprises 73 different tiles that can be printed multiple times and arranged in limitless combinations to produce futuristic spacecraft interiors, battle cruisers, scientific research facilities, colonies, military outposts and much more. Includes corridors of various widths (4, 2 and 1 square), junctions, small rooms, and tiles that allow the construction of custom large rooms.

Check these very useful and affordable Starship Corridors here

Micro Art Studio: Hard Foam Outpost Processing Plant and Vents Reviewed!

Today we will be reviewing the Micro Art Studio's Outpost Processing Plant and Vents which are part of their unique Hard Foam Terrain range. Read on and discover this cool industrial science fiction wargame scenery.

Micro Art Studio is a wargame miniature and scenery company based in Poland, originally founded as a miniature and model hobby collective. Through the years they have grown exponentially currently employing 16 talented hobbyists, sculptors and designers. 

They offer an extensive range of resin, hard foam and high density fiberboard scenery sets but also movement trays, miniature bases, markers, tokens, templates, Wolsung, fantasy, science fiction miniatures and other. Micro Art Studio is also an official partner for Corvus Belli's hugely popular Infinity science fiction miniature skirmish game for which they supply high quality terrain and accessories. Another important moment in company's history was when in 2008 Micro Art Studio signed a contract with Colin Smythe Ltd - agent of Sir Terry Pratchett; from that moment company started production of 30mm miniatures of Discworld characters and busts.

Micro Art Studio's Hard Foam Material

Most people will know Micro Art Studio's miniature range from their slick futuristic Corvus Belli wargame scenery line in which they produce terrain for the unique Infinity science fiction universe. They however also make an extensive range of scenery products which aren't bound to an unique setting, making them quite generic and useful for numerous popular science fiction roleplaying and wargaming settings. These scenery sets are produced in several materials ranging from resin and high density fiberboard to their inventive light weight yet durable hard foam material!

As you may have noticed we will taking a closer look at this hard foam material as both the Outpost Processing Plant and Vents are made out of Micro Art Studio's resin foam. Cool but what are the advantages of this unique material for you? 

First of all these scenery pieces are very affordable compared to similarly sized resin scenery pieces. If we take the reviewed pieces to illustrate this we see that both the impressive Outpost Processing Plant and Outpost Processing Vents retail for €24.60. If you have ever bought similarly sized resin wargame scenery you will know that these are a bargain!

Next to this these pieces are also very lightweight allowing easy storage and transportation to your favorite gaming venue. Although these scenery pieces are lightweight they are certainly not flimsy as they are more durable than resin scenery. This hard foam scenery doesn't break when it falls, it simply absorbs the impact and you can only witness some minor damage to the surface.

Another advantage is that these scenery pieces are mostly one-piece kits allowing you to take them out of the packaging, clean and paint them straight away! No need to assemble or wash this terrain in warm soapy water, assemble the multiple parts, straighten bend resin parts as you would need to do with most resin terrain kits.

Outpost Processing Plant and Vents

So after checking all the advantages of hard foam terrain, we will now take a closer look at the actual scenery pieces. The impressive Outpost Processing Plant features two large generic silos which can easily be used to represent nuclear missile silos, food and fuel storage facilities, command station or even some kind of power station. The only limitation is your own imagination so you can easily fit these in your science fiction tabletop miniature games. As mentionned this particular set comes in two pieces which are identically except that one of the pieces has a large added structure with entrance gate with tubes and barrels. These modular pieces can be used to recreate one large structure of can be used as two individual pieces on the tabletop.

The Outpost Processing Plant Vents are supplied in pairs and are really massive. These pieces can be combined with the above mentionned Outpost Processing Plant to recreate a large industrial complex which would make a great industrial battlefield or objective in larger wargames.

The overall quality and detail of these scenery pieces is good as you can see in the pictures but as reflected in the very affordable price, some details may be missing due to airbubbles and some of the pieces are slightly dented. The above mentionned issues are however very minor and don't distract from the overall look of the painted structures on the tabletop. Also when the pieces arrived, they were covered in dust from the production process so I would recommend cleaning these with a large brush before starting to paint them. Some of the pieces may also need some cleaning as some production process pieces of flash may still be present but as these pieces are made of easily carvable hard foam you can do this quickly with a sharp hobby knife.

Micro Art Studio Painting Tips - As these pieces are made of hard foam, you can experience possible difficulties with using spray cans in the worst case these can melt the foam. To avoid damage to the detail and surface you can better check if your paint is compatible with the foam by spraying a small part of the bottom side and check the result. Micro Art Studio also heartily recommend that this kind of hard foam scenery absolutely needs a good basecoat.

The conclusion

If you're looking for affordable, durable and lightweight scenery for your science fiction wargames, search no further as Micro Art Studio's hard foam scenery range has everything you need as it features all sorts of cool and unique pieces. These pieces have a good overall quality with nice details and features. Note that some of these details can however be missing due to airbubbles and the unique production process but are in fact negligible on the tabletop. I would heartily recommend you to buy these scenery pieces if you're looking to expand your science fiction scenery collection. Check the Micro Art Studio webstore here and start expanding your scenery collection.

Disclaimer - We received this scenery for free from Micro Art Studio for reviewing purposes. Please note that this doesn't influence our review as we always strive to supply you with our own independent and honest opinion about the wargame products reviewed.

Dozens of other reviews can easily be found here and make sure to follow this blog as more reviews, tutorials and wargame news appears every day!

Sprue Grey: Discover New Hobby Articles - The Golden D6 Magazine Issue Nine Released

Sprue Grey: The Golden D6 issue #9 has all sorts of hobby tutorials, battle reports and reviews designed by the talented Melissa Jones. Grab your own copy here


- Maintenance of reindeer and other live stock
- A review of Dragon Rampant. Turning Fantasy gaming up to 11!
- Get your teeth kicked in by a Seraphim. Part two of the Silver Demon winning “Hammer of Wrath”
- What to do if you overdose on chocolate
- Totally #TeamTony. How to paint Knight Model’s Iron Man
- A fascinating dissertation on the theory of Painting Busts
- No box can contain Super Dungeon Explore!
- Our Tau-riffic feature on the Armies on Parade winning 40K Tau army
- The ground shakes as Bloody Barnabas takes on Angarra in a Hordes battle report
- Yes, Viginia, there is a Santa Claus
- An amazing tutorial showing you how to paint a Sylvaneth Wyldwood.

Use the exclusive Wargame News and Terrain discount code - wargameterrain to get a 25% discount on the Golden D6 Bundle, collecting together the first five issues. Grab yours here