Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Minibits: Christmas Sale Announced - Discounted Bases and Miniatures

Minibits: It's time for our annual sale, so head over and grab yourself some bargain bases!  The sale runs for the next fortnight, so until midnight on Sun 18th!

MDF Bases - 15% off! We've knocked 20p off all of our packs of bases, so they're now only £1 per pack!  Perfect opportunity to stock up ready for those new projects in January! Militia Miniatures - 30% off! Our small range of modern mercenary characters have continued to be popular, so we've knocked a massive 30% off them so there's no excuse not to grab some!

Vallejo Paints - These aren't part of the sale but we wanted to let everyone know that we'll be increasing the prices on these in the new year, to £2.10 per pot.  Unfortunately the supplier has put their prices up as well so with an RRP of £2.45 on these now, we hope you'll fine £2.10 to still be good value.  We'll be continuing to offer a deal at the UK shows, where you'll be able to grab '5 for £10'. Head over and grab some Christmas goodies now You can also send us your orders by email, using the 'Contact' tab on the website.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Four A Miniatures: Goblins and Sea Demons Kickstarter

Four A Miniatures: Just a quick update to let people know that the KS is into it's last three days.  The total is now over £3,000 which I think is great.  There are some freebie pieces which have been unlocked for any pledges of £20 and over.  Many thanks to all who have pledged and are helping to get these onto gaming tables around the World. Check the Kickstarter here

Orcs in the Webbe: Advent Calendar Glimpses of The Land - Warbeast Artwork!

Orcs in the Webbe: On the fifth day of the Orcs in the Webbe 2016 Advent Calendar we welcome the return of the popular 'Glimpses' series from previous calendars. The series features artwork by fans and professionals from the various worlds covered by Orcs in the Webbe. In "Warbeast" Martin Cutbill turns his attentions towards The Land of Hysterical Games' Panzerfäuste to bring us a cracking image of a Dwarf Panzerbär Mk. I. 

Perry Miniatures: Upcoming World War Two British Vehicles, Artillery and Crew

Perry Miniatures: The 5.5 howitzer, Matador, Dorchester and Deacon are all the magnificent work of John Hart and Michael has begun to populate them having just about finished the 5.5 crew.


Vexillia Limited: 30 Years War Electoral Saxon Infantry Flags

From Martin over at Vexillia Limited: I've just upload the first releases in a new range of flags to the vexillia web shop here

The idea is to produce flags for wargamers for periods not normally covered or that are hard to find. The first releases are from Electoral Saxon Infantry at the start of the Thirty Years War. They are simple flags without textures or cloth effects so they look striking on the table. The flags are 22 mm tall at the hoist and are slightly over size to match modern 18 mm figures. Smaller versions are available on request as are sheets containing multiple copies of any one flag. 

Ramshackle Games: SciFi Jet Bike Construction Kickstarter

Ramshackle Games: Ramshackle Games are now running our 8th Kickstarter. All the previous 7 were delivered on time! This project is for a Jet Bike Construction Kit, so its a big load of parts for you to build a whole bunch of bikes from. 

The stretch goals have not been decided on yet as we are asking for suggestions from backers. The project is running for 6 5 weeks so it should be enough time to get some more parts made for the project. So far suggestions include orc and armoured human riders. As usual the project includes free world wide shipping. Check the Kickstarter here

Iron Duke Miniatures: Upcoming Indian Mutiny Water Carriers

Iron Duke Miniatures previewed these cool new water carriers!

Clearhorizon Miniatures: Pangolin Heavy Advanced Grav APC

Clearhorizon Miniatures: Pangolin Heavy Advanced Grav APC... Coming soon from Clearhorizon Miniatures.

WarGamma: Massive Alien Spawn Hive Regent Released

WarGamma: A huge insectoid alien monster of titanic proportions... the Spawn Hive Regent is a massive resin model kit, sure to terrify both Terrans and intergalactic foes!  Stands approx. 12" tall, consisting of 26 resin parts (estimated, final count may vary).  The final product is subject to some detail changes / upgrades before release... mainly in the tail and the shoulder cannons.  The kit will include TWO shoulder cannons, though only one is pictured. 

Khurasan Miniatures: 28mm Science Fiction Tank Preview

Khurasan Miniatures previewed this 28mm science fiction tank.

Titan Forge: Free Krampus Christmas Offer

Titan Forge is giving away a free Krampus miniature with each order!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Empress Miniatures: Upcoming Miniature Submarines Spotted!

Empress Miniatures previewed these upcoming submarines.

Mithril Miniatures: Winter Clearance Sale Launched

Mithril Miniatures: Winter Clearance Sale on discontinued miniatures. Limited stock available. Once sold they are removed from the website.

Heroic Maps: Christmas Special - Monastery of the Order of Grimkell Discounted

Heroic Maps: Revered by many as a warrior-saint, no one knows that Grimkell began his career as a thief and bully. Evicted from the Hold for his crimes, he wandered the lands until chance placed him in between a young family and an angry dragon. In the first brave and selfless act of his life, he fought the dragon and managed to kill it, although he was mortally wounded. News of his deed reached his Hold, and whilst most residents were glad to hear of his passing, four young Dwarves were inspired, and formed the Order of Grimkell. Hundreds of years later, the Order continues, with only ever four members at any time. They work to uphold the virtues of sacrifice, generosity and defending the helpless. Grimkell would never have seen this coming...

Klukva Miniatures: Upcoming Turret Mounted Dwarf Miniature

Klukva Miniatures: We are proud to announce that our biggest work is already sculpted and will be on sale soon! This dwarf is riding his turret, so total height is ~55mm. And this models is our biggest work because it consists of 19 parts!

Wargames Terrain Workshop: Holiday Competition - Win Magna Simia Ape and Scenery!

Wargames Terrain Workshop: It's that time of year to wish everyone a very Merry Xmas and Happy New Year, so have combined the first sneak peek at January's Releases with our Xmas competition. 

This is Magna Simia which will also be part of the prize along with the complimentary scenery we will be showing over the coming weeks. For a chance to win this very large piece ( 130 mm from base to top of head and almost 500 grams in weight) simply email us at wargamesterrainworkshop@yahoo.co.uk putting the code FaceXC in the subject for your chance to win. Closing date will be midnight GMT on New Years Eve and then a winner will be drawn and notified.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Forgotten Glorious: 28mm Union and Confederate Infantry for American Civil War Kickstarter

Forgotten Glorious: 28mm Union and Confederate Infantry for American Civil War. The main goal of our project is to help us create a full range of 28mm Union and Confederate miniatures in Frock Coats. Check the Kickstarter here

Games Workshop: New The Hobbit Lake Town House Kit

Games Workshop has released the long-awaited plastic The Lord of The Rings - The Hobbit Lake Town House model kits including buildings, walkways and boats!

Situated on the shores of the Long Lake, Lake-town is a place of wooden jetties and houses standing upon wooden pillars. It is a place of busy trade, with packed fish markets making up the bulk of its narrow streets. Creaking wooden jetties jab out into the Long Lake itself – these wooden structures were infamously swamped in flame by the great Smaug™ the Terrible, who met his final fate here at the hands of Bard the Bowman. Price for one kit £25.00 Price for three kit bundle £70.00

This detailed scenery piece allows you to build a Lake-town house. The Lake-town House features a great deal of modularity, meaning multiple kits can be easily converted to create your own Lake-town settlement. The house itself features reversible gable ends, and the kit includes a ton of extras:

- 1 rowing boat with separate oars;
- 2 barrels;
- 2 fish baskets;
- 1 glass float;
- 3 lanterns;
- 1 hanging sign board;
- 1 outhouse, including seat and door;
- 1 loading hook;
- 3 long walkways and 1 short walkway.